Navzad’s parents
Vispi Engineer & Anaheeta Engineer

navzad's-last-wordsWhat can we say about Our beloved son Navzad. It is very difficult to express in a few words the love and joy that we have had with him. We treasure the short time he spent with us and the moments together, the joy he gave us.

Navzad was a beautiful chubby little baby who loved his computer and games. He was a quiet boy, kept to himself. He would lock himself in his room, listen to his rock music, play his computer games or study. A quiet achiever. He was so caring of the others and loved his dog Wendy. He was passionate about fast cars, soccer and later loved many varieties of hats. However, with his sickness we saw a completely different side of Navzad that we had not seen before. He had a wonderful sense of humour, kept all the nurses laughing. He had many friends, he was very intelligent and brilliant at maths and computers.

Navzad matured so quickly throughout his sickness. He was a wise old soul who had wisdom beyond his time and his age.

Navzad went through the hardest trails of his life with his illness but he was so so brave we cannot express to you the extreme, extreme hardship pain and suffering he had for 3 long years. The number of chemo’s he went through, 25 radiation sessions, he had food pipes for eating, needles poked into him every hour. So brave, ever so brave. He was burnt up like a chicken inside and out, unable to eat or drink water even. Despite all this, not once did he ever complain or give up on life. He would never share his inner feelings with us, only his eyes would do the talking. Not once did he talk of death with us. For us, it was that we would not accept any other option but living. We kept him mentally positive though internally our guts were torn apart with pain, terror and fear. When nothing was in control nor could the doctors be any help we reached out to God and begged him for mercy. We became very close to Him as nothing around us made any sense at all.

Alas God had other plans for Navzad as he completed his karma on earth more quickly than us. Although it is hard for me to understand why we lost our son, we know that Navzad is in a special place in heaven with the angels. For Navzad’s sake he is in a happier place and free in spirit as he was trapped in his body at the end and could not accept not being able to walk or do anything for himself. The only reason we are able to pull through this hard lesson of life is in knowing that Navzads spirit is with us at all times, his spirit plays with his dog at home and his presence is felt all around.

We want to put our mind forward to help others who have faced extreme hardship like him and direct our energy to a cause to help other children fighting cancer.

We want to say to Navzad that we love you deeply and we are so proud of you for being so brave and showing us how to love, be more in harmony and connect to GOD. You have taught us that nothing is more valuable than to treasure family, good friends and relationships and let each moment in life count as we don’t know what life holds for us tomorrow.

Forever in Our Hearts we will Remember You.