Project Description

There are a range of ways you can donate to Brain Cancer research

Make a single donation of how ever much you want to give. The Navzad Memorial Foundation (NMF) will distribute the funds to specific grants or research groups.

Make a self-selected donation continuously, at a selected time either monthly, weekly, fortnightly or whenever you want. This style of donation is tax deductible and will ensure NMF will be able to continue to fight the battle against brain cancer. By becoming a member, you are also granted exclusive access to events organized by the Navzad Memorial Foundation.

Donate through the memory of a lost loved one, by donating in their name, with the addition of their story. The Navzad Memorial Foundation will publish the story on our website and share it with the world to ensure your loved one is never forgotten.

Donate Now

Every night I dream the same dream. I dream that one day I will change the world. I hope and pray that maybe one day, through my experiences I can help others.

Navzad Engineer

Attend the annual black tie event

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Share your experience with Brain Cancer or donate today to support, educate and help fund Brain Cancer research.